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Fall Foliage Drive

October 27, 2014

Sometimes the design of a trip happens organically.  This was the case of my fall foliage drive along the Merritt Parkway when I exited at Hamden, CT.

At the end of the exit ramp was a sign with an arrow to West Rock Ridge Park.  I had no knowledge about the park, but instantaneously decided to visit.

I landed in a parking area for Wintergreen Lake. It was absolutely stunning and had beautiful walking trails.

While I was there, I asked a fisherman what else I should see in the area. He...

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Picture Perfect

October 19, 2015

Totally local, an intimate and rustic venue. Feeling joy, acceptance and hospitality. Being transported to Iceland for the day. Who could ask for anything more from a daycation?

I attended the Iceland Affair in Winchester, CT. This local gem was stunning.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Iceland. What a perfect opportunity to be immersed. From diverse lectures about the Northern Lights, Elves and Arctic Foxes ... to taste testing culinary delights ... to petting Icelandic Horse.

Then there...

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May 16, 2016

Gearing up for my middle of the night Horseshoe crab eco adventure as a Citizen Scientist! I learned how to tag, classify crabs and record data about them. I’m participating in a study at Calf Pasture Beach in Connecticut with the Maritime Aquarium and Sacred Heart University.

The study’s objective is to tag 600 horseshoe crabs this mating season and inventory their population to gain insights about them and their environment.

It’s uncommon for me to participate in an outdoor event in the...

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Beach Detour

November 20, 2016

Driving along the interstate, I passed a brown and white sign saying that there was a Public Beach at the next exit. It was uncommonly mild for a Fall day and I hadn’t yet visited this particular beach. I exited the highway and easily found it. Getting out of my car, I heard gently crashing waves, but the elevated train tracks blocked my view of the beach.

The path led me to a tunnel whose entrance revealed the bay with the morning sun gleaming on the water. The only other visitors was a...

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